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An Integrated Handsfree Bluetooth Cell Phone System For Your Vehicle.
  • What Is BlueConnect?
    BlueConnect is a state-of-the-art, integrated, handsfree phone communication system for your vehicle. Developed by Johnson Controls, Inc., BlueConnect utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology and Bluebooth handsfree profiled cell phones to improve driving.
  • What is Bluebooth technology?
    Bluebooth technology is the wireless transmission of radio waves or communication between two electronic components.
  • How does BlueConnect work?
    Your Bluetooth handsfree profiled cell phone must be paired or electronically matched to BlueConnect. Once paired, simply turn on your cell phone and place it anywhere in your vehicle. BlueConnect will connect everytime.
  • What kind of phone do I need?
    BlueConnect is only compatible with cell phones that have a Bluetooth handsfree profile. Ask your cell phone provider about cell phone compatibility.
  • How does BlueConnect install in my vehicle?
    BlueConnect requires professional installation. The BlueConnect unit can be installed in the over head console of your vehicle or headliner if permitted.

BlueConnect Handsfree Telephone System

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