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  Twenty-first century technology is what makes Millennium so unique and attractive. Using the exclusive Starstream technology, Millennium provides higher reflectivity than other all-metal films. This results in a softer, neutral tone and appearance. Millennium's unique combination of technologies and layers gives it a higher heat rejection than other low reflectivity products. This exclusive design also means Millennium won't change colour.

This coupled with the features and benefits below make Millennium a good choice for your car now and into the next century.
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Scratch Resistant Only
  • Multiple Layer Construction
  • Choice in Degree of Glare Reduction
  • Maximum Ultraviolet Protection
  • Most Colour-Stable Film Available
  • Mid-Range Heat Rejection
  • Less Reflective
UV Protection
Heat Rejection
Glare Reduction
Millennium 50
99 %
37 %
42 %
Millennium 38
99 %
48 %
58 %
Millennium 28
99 %
51 %
68 %
Millennium 18
99 %
57 %
79 %

NOTE: These values are intended for design use only, and would be typical of production runs, subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.