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Ottawa PT Cruiser Modifications

Derand is now your ultimate source for PT Cruiser Parts, Accessories, Modifications and Panel Conversions. If you're looking to personalize the appearance of your PT Cruiser, you've come to the right place. The most dramatic looks can be obtained in about one hour, using the Bumperette Front Fascia and Retro Full Grille, or one of the Polished Stainless Vertical Bar Grilles.

All parts interchange with all factory components and there is no additional hardware necessary. In addition, all fronts are made from BASF brand urethane which is of the highest standard available and is used by most leading automotive manufacturers today. All parts have been designed to utilize all factory mounting locations for simplicity and ease of installation. These installations do not involve any disconnecting of airbag sensors.

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Ottawa PT Cruiser Accessories

  • Bumperette Front Fascia / Retro Full Grille
  • Bumberette Front Fascia / "Air Flow 22" Vertical Bar Grille
  • Bumperette Front Fascia / "Sweet 16" Vertical Bar Grille
  • Smoothie Front Fascia / Retro full Grille
  • Smoothie Front Fascia / "Air Flow 22" Vertical Bar Grille
  • Smoothie Front Fascia / "Sweet 16" Vertical Bar Grille
  • Cowl Induction Power Hood
  • Euro Sports Package (Fender Flares & Side Skirts)
  • Retro Rear Rollpan
  • Dual Exhaust Cat Back 3 Piece System
  • Retro Drop Tail Light
  • Illusion Rear Bumper
  • Illusion Roof Scoop
  • Panel Conversions

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