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Window Tinting starting from $225.

Xpel Tinting FilmSuntek Window Film

For more information on the advantages of window tinting, please visit

For a window tinting quote, please call us (613-563-0029) or email us directly. For faster response time, please call the store rather than email.

Clear Shield Paint Protection now available.

Questions and answers about tinting your windows, also known as "glass coating".

Should I try to install the film myself?

Generally we recommend having a reputable shop do the tinting work for you. This will ensure the best results and give you a warranty in case something does happen to the film. However, for those people who prefer to install their own film, we will gladly give helpful hints and sell the desired shade and length of tinting film required.

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Is it possible to remove old film in order to reinstall new film?

Although the process can be challenging and time consuming, it IS possible. The tinting film has a layer of glue that sticks to the window. Once it dries, it is very difficult to remove this layer of glue. ALL of this glue has to be removed in order to reinstall new film. When peeling off the old film, the glue will certainly stick stubbornly to your window. It is an even more delicate job to remove film on the rear window; not only does the glue remain on the glass but there is also the possibility that the film will rip off your defroster lines. We do offer the film removal service at $35 per hour... the average removal time on a 4-door car is approximately two to three hours. Prices will vary depending on the age and quality of the original window film. Drop by the store for a quote or to find out more information on removing your old film.

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Why the price difference between tint shops?

Prices will vary from store to store. The best window tinting CANNOT be done for next to nothing. They take time, knowledge, skill and high quality film to achieve the perfect finish. At Derand, our professional installers have years of experience and guaranty your satisfaction. We only use a higher quality film by Xpel. (Click on "Xpel" to visit their own web site and find out information about the film itself). Prices are displayed at the top of this page.

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How long does it usually take to tint a car?

We usually tell our customers to leave their car with us for the day (drop the car in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon). But if you insist on waiting on site for your car, figure about 2 to 3 hours for the installation. It will take another 2 to 3 days for the film to dry; for that period of time, it is recommended that the windows are kept closed at all times. Please call a few days in advance for an appointment.

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What shades are available?

There are three popular shades. The darkness is measured in percentage. This number represents the amount of light that passes through (for example, 0 % would be completely black with no light passing through).
  • All aftermarket tinting of the windshield and the windows to the immediate left and right of the driver is prohibited by law (Ontario). However, it is normally at the discretion of the officer whether or not he will allow it if he can clearly see inside the vehicle.

  • 35 % darkness: This is our most popular film, as not to draw too much attention from the law.
  • 20 % darkness: The rear windows of your vehicle can be as dark as you want them to be. This particular shade will give you the dark look you seek and still give you enough transparency to see the exterior (for security reasons; for example, when you are driving in reverse).
  • 15 % darkness: This is a popular film for rear windows as it is dark enough for complete privacy but not too dark to prevent easy vision. It only comes in the lower quality film but still provides a very good protection against the sun and will last almost as long as the other film.
  • 5 % darkness: This is our darkest film. If you want the "limousine" look, this is the solution. Be careful when choosing this shade of film, remember that it will limit your vision when looking through it.
Drop by the store to view examples of all the different shades of film and we will give you suggestions on the right tinting film for your purposes.

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Should I worry about the defroster lines bubbling the film?

No you should not worry about the defroster lines bubbling your film. The film will actually help the defroster work faster by distributing the mild heat across the glass a little quicker. If the job is done right, the film will not bubble until its later life span stage. All window film eventually wears out (just like other car accessories: tires, brakes etc.). The rear window is usually the first one to show signs of bubbling since it does absorb more of the sun's heat in the summer. They have a more direct hit from the sun (angled towards the sky) than the sides do. You will find the side tinting film outlasts the rear by about one year or so. When the signs of aging appears, you will thank the film once you realize it could have been your car's interior wearing out instead. This is where the quality of the film comes into play. Better films last longer and protect more than cheaper films do.

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